Hurricane Sandy

A week after Hurricane Sandy crawled up the East Coast taking over forty lives, BusinessWeek published a cover image of flooded streets and in bold letters above the photo it read "It's Global Warming, Stupid". The storm left thousands homeless and millions without power. Waves broke record surfs off the New York Harbor, water inundated the city's transportation system, thousands of low lying homes, flooded the FDR and caused an electrical explosion in a Con-Ed power plant. In Breezy-Point, Queens a fire broke out and leveled more than 80 homes.

"I begin to sense what the future may be like, as more and more of the world finds itself facing ever-more-frequent assaults from the amped-up forces of the not-so-natural world" -Bill McKibbin

I photographed in the East Village, Manhattan and Breezy Point, Queens.


Exhibited in Rising Waters: Photographs of Hurricane Sandy,
a collaboration by ICP and Museum of the City of New York, 2013.